Established in the year 2000 in Brazil, Ocean Films has grown to become one of the leading and most experienced production service companies in South America.

Over the years, we have worked with the most important clients and production companies around the world. We have shot many Lions - winning commercials, and have worked in the most diverse landscapes and conditions.

From our offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Florianópolis, we not only provide production services for Commercials, TV & Feature Films, but we also develop our own content, having produced documentaries and TV shows that have been aired in all of the Americas and Europe.

Our friendly and trained bilingual crew has lived and worked abroad, and engage in different cultural activities such as photography, music, painting, and, (needless to say) cooking!

Ocean Films is a proud member of the Global Production Networks

PRODUCTION COMPANIES that we've worked with

A Frame Production (USA)
Academy Films (UK)
Anonymous Content (USA)
Bandito Brothers (USA)
Biscuit Filmworks (USA)
Blur Producciones (Spain)
Brw & Partners (Italy)
Carnibird (France)
Caviar Content (USA)
Colosceum Media Private (India)
Compass Productions (Australia)
Curious Films (Australia)
Eagle Rock (UK)
Fresh Films (UK)
Friend Productions (UK)
Furlined (USA)
Gartner (USA)
Geek Pictures (Japan)
Gorgeous (UK)
Helliventures (Germany)
Homecorp (UK)
Humble TV (USA)
Iconoclast (USA)
Independent Films (UK)
Irene (France)
Knucklehead (UK)
Locksmith Content (USA)
Love (UK)
Milkt Films (USA)
Monsters Films (Japan)
Moxie Pictures (UK)

Paranoid US (USA)
Partizan (US)
Paydirt (USA)
Pi Group (Germany)
Picture Farm (USA)
Pretty Bird (UK)
Psyop (USA)
Pulse Films (UK)
Pyramid Film Inc. (Japan)
Rabbit Content (USA)
Radical Media (Germany)
Rattling Stick (UK)
Rock Fight (USA)
Rogue Producer (USA)
Sandwick Films (USA)
Serious Pictures (UK)
Smuggler (USA)
Soixan7e Quin5e (France)
Solaris Films Inc. (USA)
Sonny London (UK)
Spur Productions (USA)
Stink (UK - Russia)
The Box (Italy)
The Brainstorm Club (Germany)
The Directors Bureau (USA)
The Sweet Shop (UK)
The Sword Fight (USA)
Thomas Thomas Films (UK)
Tight Films (Usa)
Traktor (USA)
Transition Productions (USA)