My Elvis

Afer the sudden death of her father, an innocent young woman named Nina finds herself running a gas station in the middle of the desert where she meets Zeca, an unsuccessful Elvis Presley impersonator. Except she believes he is the real Elvis.

Tempted by the chance to be admired as the one he always dreamt of being, Zeca decides to keep up with the deceit. But when they end up falling in love with each other, he runs away before Nina discovers he lied. Crushed, she leaves her life behind and embarks on a journey that takes her from the desert to the city, with the sole purpose of finding Elvis Presley, the man she loves.

There, she will live with an order of nuns that take her in – the first women she has ever lived with — subverting the convent’s routine with her spontaneity. She will also meet DJ Tuta, the charming owner of a music store who is the only one who seems to “love” Elvis as much as she does.

Her intense friendship with Tuta will open a new world for Nina. But when he falls in love with Nina, Tuta will try in every which way to have her see that what she is after is an illusion.

In the end, when the truth is revealed, everyone will discover that love is a more subtle and complex force than they had ever imagined.


Format: Feature Film
Production Company: Ocean Films
Language: Portuguese
To be shot in: Brazil