DOT - The life and assassination of Dorothy Stang

Brazil and USA

In February 2005 Dorothy Stang, a US nun 73 years, is brutally murdered in a lawless land, an abandoned road red clay through the Brazilian Amazon jungle, as a result of greed, violence, corruption and impunity.

DOT portrays the journey of Sister Dot, born in Ohio (USA), in the Amazon rainforest, where she finds the reason for her life: work with the poorest and help them live with more dignity. His sincere and unconditional commitment to the forest and its inhabitants, led directly to the confrontation with powerful economic interests in the region, resulting in her scandalous death.

This is a story of adventure, determination, extraordinary courage and remarkable achievements. The story of a woman who was interrogated by the military, who hid in the forest to escape ambushes and challenged corrupt officials. A courageous woman who quietly read the Bible to her killers as they held a gun to her head. A woman with a big heart and inexhaustible energy, who worked hard to build dozens of schools, training hundreds of teachers and help thousands of people to have confidence to chase their own destinies.


Format: Feature Film
Runtime: 120 min
Production Company: Ocean Films
Director: David Schurmmann
Executive Producer: João Roni Garcia
Language: Portuguese and English
To be shot in: Brazil and USA