Brigitte Montfort

“Brigitte Montfort” is based on a extremely popular pocket book series launched in the sixties. The main character is the daughter of the French spy, and member of the French Resistance, Giselle Montfort – also know as the Naked Spy that Shook Paris. Before her mother was killed by a Nazi firing squad, she managed to send Brigitte to the US, to be raised by relatives. There Brigitte grew to be a successful journalist, wining a Pulitzer Prize at a very young age for. But this life was only a façade for her real calling.

Brigitte was also a very secret CIA spy, codenamed Baby. No enemy spy knew her, and if they did, they didn’t live long enough to blab. She was truly a prodigy. She could speak a dozen languages, could handle several kinds of guns (but her favorite was a pistol with a mother-of-pearl handle that she carried in a garter belt in her thigh), pilot planes and she was also skilled in several martial arts.

Brigitte fought the enemies of the free world using her cunning ways, looking good while doing it. Besides, she was a very cultured woman, with extensive knowledge of history, although sometimes she disguised as a frivolous socialite. Her adventures spanned hundreds and hundreds of volumes, with fans hanging on every page.