Crossed Instants

The series “Crossed Instants” aims to present the most iconic photographs that make up the history of this art in Brazil and to propose a reinterpretation of such photos by the eye of contemporary photographers.

Nowadays, when images are reproduced thousands of times by people with different points of view on social networks, this documentary series for television proposes to rediscover the magic that the art of photography brings since its origin.

Each episode, Milton Guran, curator of FotoRio – The International Photography Meeting of Rio de Janeiro, biggest photographic event in Latin America, will review a little bit about the history of photography in Brazil, challenging great current photographers and instagramers alike to reproduce a famed photograph

For such, the guests will have to dive deep in the secrets of this old photographic art, rediscover the importance a landscape, recover old abandoned cameras, relive the history and drama of the original characters and other adventures. Between rights and wrongs, the only sure thing is that the final results will be surprising. Each episode, past and present are connected through a new photograph produced specially for the show.

Besides, the series will interact with anonymous photographers that make content for social networks. The viewers will be instigated to post on the show’s Instagram, photographs related to the theme of the week. Every episode Milton Guran will present the best photos for  the audience, showing that photography is a living art.


Format: Documentary TV Series
Runtime: 13 x 26 min
Production Company: Ocean Films
Director: Sérgio Bloch
Language: Portuguese
To be shot in: Brazil